Soil Professionals


Providing specialist advice for selecting and managing soils for horticultural and forestry enterprises A small company providing specialist advice on selecting and managing soils
for horticultural and forestry enterprises.

The company's main fields of expertise are:
  • Land resource assessment including soil mapping at detailed and reconnaissance scales. Read More
  • Selection of suitable sites for forest plantations (hardwoods, softwoods) and perennial horticultural crops (vineyards, orchards), and recommendation of appropriate management practices for sustainable use. Read More
  • Assessment of land degradation hazards (soil erodibility, landslide hazard) associated with operations in native forests and plantations, and research on impacts of forest practices on soil disturbance and site productivity. Read More
  • Extension/communication through talks, seminars, training courses, field days and publications (technical reports, feature articles, soil maps, scientific papers, books/manuals). Read More
  • Consulting on international and interstate soils/forestry projects. Read More

Dr Michael Laffan: Director
Soil Professionals Pty Ltd
2 Lanena Crescent
Lanena Tasmania 7275
Phone: (03) 6394 3368


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